Prosperity Now Message: Clarity of Purpose Using Ho’oponopono

Peace Begins Right Here, Right Now,  With Me!

Recently I have connected with experts on ho’oponopono and forgiveness.  The value for me in going deeper with the Law of Forgiveness and ho’oponopono has been clarity on  pure potentiality.  Pure potentiality can be explained as being our intended individual manifestation of God.  Each person is an individual manifestation of God and has far more potential for life and contribution that what is normally experienced.

Information on ho’oponopono is being developed at The Four Graces ( Two out The Four Graces are related to forgiveness. They are:

I Am Sorry
Please Forgive Me

Lack of forgiveness is a block of the Divine Energy of God within us. Blockages prevent us from being our intended potentiality. Blockages originate from judgment at the conscious level. Blockages also originate from what has been absorbed by our subconscious self and our DNA.  All of these are sources of memory and memory of “life and cultural stuff” blocks Divine Energy.

Spiritual leaders have learned to make  “Love Based Choices”  In the face of people who were torturing Him and ultimately ended his life, Jesus said “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.  There are many other examples of people loving the essence of their enemies.  This is not to say the actions of these opposite lives are condoned. Unconditional love is the recognition and love for the essence of God in all.

The polar opposite of ” Love Based Choices” is  ” Fear Based Choices”  When we operate from a posture of fear, we are in effect saying  we don’t believe in the nature of God.  The nature of God is Eternal Love.  My knowing that transcends fear except at those times that I allow prior programming to dominate and my fear tapes play the loudest.  Now when I am aware of that I use The Four Graces of ho’oponopono to clean the blockages of Divine Love and Peace within me.

I developed for me a deeper level of cleaning or a deeper level of intending to clear the blocks.  Recently I have been very focused on the image and related feeling of being free of all blocks. So my ho’oponopono cleaning begins with the intention  that I want all blockages removed no matter what caused them. Once I have that intention very clearly conveyed to the essence of God within me then I begin:

I  Am Sorry for what ever conscious or otherwise, actions and thoughts from the beginning of time that may have caused whatever blockages are there…remove them ….get them out of the way.

Please  Forgive Me:   I allow myself to forgive myself for being part of any known or unknown blockages..I Forgive Myself.

Thank you: I thank God for the knowing that there are blockages in the past, ones coming at me in the present and ones that will establish themselves in the future.  I thank God for knowing the solutions to releasing the blocks and manifesting my pure potentiality including my dreams and desires is already in place as well as my pure potentiality.

I Love You: My intention is to recognize and honor the unconditional love in me and in all that preceded me, all that is here now and  all that is to come in the future.

In summary I feel that I should focus on the simplicity of removing blocks to the Divine Energy already in me. As I am more successful doing that, I open the flow of knowing what I need in every situation. My remaining task then is to simply pay attention to the messages from  God that are there to guide me… and follow the guidance. Consider what I am doing and see how you feel about it.

One More Thing

Block Prevention … guide to preventing blocks:

A main source of blocking the Love within us is separateness.  Separateness is the soul of the ego and pain bodies. Separateness is the opposite of Oneness. Oneness is the foundation of The Life Rights Initiative…the right of all to live their intentions in freedom and peace.  For me I know that my intended self is manifest those time when I am in a state of Oneness.  That is my opportunity. To be more in a Oneness state where I have unconditional love for myself, for all life and all events.  I feel the more I am in a Oneness state, I am able to be my pure potentiality including manifesting my dreams. I feel the more people who arrive at the state of collective Oneness consciousness, the closer we come on this planet to eliminating war, famine, disease and crime. Here is what is really cool: we are already the Divine Energy of Oneness.  All we need to do is become aware and remove the blocks.  Happy ho’oponopono ing! :)

I Love You and May God Bless You In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Namaste: “the God in me, recognizes, honors the God within you and sends the essence of God within you unconditional love.”Steve Pohlit

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