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“I Believe God Wants You To Know” by Neale Donald Walsh

(I look forward to these messages every morning. Enjoy!) On this day of your life, Steve, I believe God wants you to know… …that there are choirs singing in your head. If you listen, you will hear the music. It is the song of angels.   Pay no attention to the sounds of the world. They are [...]

Voting Guide: The Right To Of All To Live Their Intentions In Freedom and Peace

In America it is time to vote.  We will select a president, that president will appoint advisers and is likely to appoint one or more Supreme Court Justices. The Supreme Court appointments may have more impact than who we elect as president since the Supreme Court Justice position is permanent. As you know, we allow [...]

Freedom and Peace ..The Foundation of True Prosperity

“Peace Be With You ..and Also With You”  is a familiar phrase to those who have experience with the Catholic church.  The meaning of peace is personal.  A person climbing Mt. Everest or parachuting from a plane may be at total peace, whereas another may be frozen in fear if they were in one of [...]

Prosperity Now Guidance: Peace Begins With Me

I work very closely with Temple Hayes, Senior Minister of First Unity of St. Petersburg, Florida and founder of Life Rights. Every service includes this ” Peace Begins Right Here, Right Now” That is absolutely true and Peace Begins Right Here Right Now With Me! It is our individual responsibility for manifesting peace in the [...]

Steve Pohlit Discusses The Law of Attraction and The Moses Code

Recently I was asked by Adom Ali and The HotPoint Show to discuss The Law of Attraction and The Moses God.  The mp3 recording was just received and I am posting that recording immediately.  Soon I will add written commentary summarizing the key points presented. I am very grateful to The HotPoint Show  and OM [...]

Prosperity Now Challenges What It Means To Be Committed To Independence, Freedom and Peace

Today starts a long weekend in the US where Americans celebrate Independence Day. This is a good time reflect on what we have given up since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This is a great time and to ask ourselves do we in fact stand for independence? Do we in fact stand for [...]